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2003 Conferences

Second Annual Latino Fatherhood Conference: The Circle of Health

November 20-21, 2003  |  Atlanta, Georgia

The event is being organized by the National Latino Fatherhood and Family Institute, a project of Bienvenidos Children’s Center, Inc. in collaboration with National Compadres Network.  The agenda will include an expert roundup of speakers, workshops and panel discussions.

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Competitive Men’s Health Services

November 17-18, 2003  |  New Orleans, Louisiana

A two day industry forum focusing on developing expanded men’s health services to increase male patient care and boost profitability.

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National Conference on Prostate Cancer

September 5-7, 2003  |  Burbank, California

A comprehensive approach to living with prostate cancer.  A three day conference covering prostate cancer diagnosis, treatment options and live demonstration.

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